Sauvignon Blanc – Taste Test – Barefoot Versus Matua

We started the summer focusing on Chardonnay and we tried them from places like California, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and so many other regions. We found keepers and ones that we will never buy again, ever.

After drinking ( I mean tasting) bottle after bottle of Chardonnay we tried a few Sauvignon Blancs from various regions. Sauvignon Blanc can be very acidic almost sour in taste but it can also be crisp and vibrant. These last two characteristics jumped sharply into focus for our Chardonnay tuned palates. As a result we have developed a healthy respect for Sauvignon Blanc.

We have tried many different ones so far and I hope we can catch up to our empty bottle pile soon and post a review for each. Lately I open several bottles at once in order to do a taste comparison. My wife thinks this is an excuse to fill up the right side of the refrigerator door with wine bottles. 

So let’s compare two brands of Sauvignon Blanc, both of which you can find easily in grocery stores around the U.S. We compared Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc to a 2013 vintage of Matau from Marlborough New Zealand.

The Barefoot you can buy on sale for less than six dollars a bottle while the Matau goes for about twelve dollars. Guess which one we liked best? ( and not just because you can 2 for the price of 1.)

If you guessed the Barefoot Sauvignon you are absolutely right. It is hands down the better choice with a crisp fruity taste and no acidic aftertaste. And it is half the price of the 2013 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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