Quest For Cheap Great Chardonnay

Since, lately I have been studying Chardonnay ( yes that means drinking a lot of wine ), I have been looking for cheap great chardonnay options to try as a reference point. I mean maybe I will find a really cheap delicious option that I can pass on to our readers.

This was my frame of mind when I went into the local Dollar store to buy some razors and shampoo. Hey look they have wine section! And they have some California Chardonnay. Let’s give it a try.

The Chardonnay is named Spring Creek and I paid less than 4 dollars US for one bottle. Wow that is cheap, let’s see if it is good.

Spring Creek Winery is part of a larger wine company based in California that owns several local wineries. Spring Creek seems to have a contract with Dollar General to supply wine to them in the U.S.

So how does it taste?

My first impression was positive maybe a bit bland on the tongue, but at the end it has a smokey taste that to me was unpleasant and later an acidic taste, that honestly made me not want to finish the glass. I did of course but it did not change my opinion. I tried it with some cheese ( buffalo mozzarella) but it only got worse.

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Is This The Illusive Cheap Great Chardonnay?

Really for maybe the first time I will not finish this bottle. So much for cheap great Chardonnay right? Maybe there is a cheap good chardonnay out there waiting to be found?

I will not buy this again, at any price.