Our Review Of Barefoot Prosecco

I travel to Italy several times a year. Yes lucky me. Not everyone feels that way, but for me Italy is a very special country. No small part of this is their wine and their love of spending time with family and friends while eating and drinking wine. Italians and their love of the wine and food lifestyle are the reason I created American Winos. 

In Italy, the sparkling wine industry, like all of their wine is heavily regulated and one fantastic output of this regulation is the Prosecco that we enjoy today. Who says regulation is bad for consumers…

I have enjoyed fantastic Prosecco in Italy, where the local price is less than 3 euros a bottle! Really, why can I not find that level of Prosecco in the USA? Is it because the good stuff is a national treasure and they never export it? ( Maybe). I do not accept this answer and I am going to try all of them until I find what I am looking for.

 You will love our review of Barefoot Prosecco

In the case of Prosecco, my wife who also has a love of the Italian Wino lifestyle, and for sure she knows a great Prosecco when she tries it.

So, I have a wine rack full of available Prosecco and I decided to start with an unlikely choice that I bought in the local gas station/alcohol store ( I love Missouri) namely Barefoot Prosecco. 

Barefoot Prosecco is made in Italy, which is great since I would not even try it otherwise. It comes with a pretty blue label and it is available for less than $10 dollars a bottle. Let’s give it a try.

The thing about sparkling wine that I keep explaining to my wife, is that once you open the bottle you are better off finishing it since it will only lose its fizz. It’s true right?

So What Is Our Opinion of Barefoot Prosecco?

Our initial reaction at the first taste was positive – not too sweet and not too dry – in fact just right. No after taste but an overall very nice taste that is not too fruity. We moved on to trying it with food.

Our review of barefoot prosecco
With Pizza We Review Barefoot Prosecco

Ok, so Prosecco is Italian, pizza is Italian ( when done right ). We love pizza in Italy and here in the US one of our favorites is Papa Murphy’s which is a US chain where they make whatever pizza you want with whatever crust you like and you take it home and cook it in the oven. We have found that thin crust or what is also known locally as St.Louis thin crust is closest to real Italian style pizza. Anyways we like it. So we paired this with Barefoot Prosecco on a Friday night.

So What Did We Think After Pairing With Pizza?

In a word – Fantastic. We both commented on it. This one we tagged as will buy it again. In fact I have bought a few more bottles for my wine rack in the basement. Highly recommended!