Glen Ellen Reserve Chardonnay – Our Review

The Glen Ellen Reserve Chardonnay is made in California ( somewhere) and we paid less that 7 dollars for it at a local Dollar store. Sounds like a deal right? 

So What Did We Think Of Glen Ellen Reserve Chardonnay
A California Chardonnay For Less Than $7?

So What Did We Think Of Glen Ellen Reserve Chardonnay?

First we tried this California chardonnay, just alone with no food to get a sense of its color, smell and tastes. At this great price I had low expectations but I was more than willing to give it try.

The Quest For Great Cheap Chardonnay

The first taste for both of us was a pleasant surprise with no real acidity and a low level of sweetness. Some producers will try to offset the acidity with sugar and it doesn’t work well. That is not case here, so far so good for this 7$ bottle of Glen Ellen Reserve Chardonnay. We move on trying it with food.

Matching Glen Ellen Chardonnay with Food.

Our choice of food to go with this wine, since it was friday night and that is pizza night, was pizza from Papa Murphy’s in Washington Missouri. If you do not know this chain you should give it a try. They make any style of crust or combination pizza that you want, but they do not cook it. You cook it at home and this pizza is excellent!

Anyways that is what we tried with the California chardonnay.

So How Does The  $7 A Bottle Glen Ellen Reserve Chardonnay go with great pizza? In a word – Great!

This is a wine that I will buy again. At this price it is worth having in your wine rack. It is not fantastic but good enough to have with a quick meal or when friends come over. As long as they are not wine snobs.

Matching Glen Ellen Chardonnay with Food.
Matching Glen Ellen Chardonnay with Food.

It is also a great choice for cooking with wine dishes. It hurts to use a really great or pricey wine in a recipe so this works great.