Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2015 With Baked Parmesan Fish

We also have to eat something for the many days this is going on right? Cooking is still possible but difficult. We decided to avoid fast food and try making a decent meal during all the mayhem.

I found a recipe for baked parmesan fish that looked interesting and picked a new wine to try with it. The wine was a Monterey County California white wine from a winery named Fetzer. The wine was a Gewurztraminer 2015.

We used frozen cod from Trader Joes and some fresh zucchini as a veggie.

We decided to bake the fish, since pan frying would likely splash on the new paint job. The recipe is simple using flour, parmesan cheese with paprika and basil as the batter. Just be an egg for dipping and place the batter ingredients in a plastic bag. Dip the fish in the batter and put in the bag. Shake well and place the now breaded fish on a pan and put in the oven. 20 minutes at 350 degrees worked fine. 

Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2015 With Baked Parmesan Fish
Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2015 With Baked Parmesan Fish

For the zucchini, we sliced it up thin and put it in a shallow pan after spraying it with nonstick spray ( olive oil based). For tomato sauce I used a can of pizza sauce which has a bit of zip to it. I slipped it into the oven with the fish.

After baking I removed the fish and the zucchini which I topped with quattro formaggio ( 4 cheese) blend and placed back in the hot oven for 10 minutes just to melt the cheese.

The fish was pretty good this way, next time I think I will use bread crumbs instead of the flour. The cheese tomato zucchini is always great this way.

So how was the wine?

My wife really liked the wine. For me it was too sweet but we often differ on this. Probably we will not buy this one again as there are so many other white wines to choose from such as Chardonnay or Riesling.