Cheap Homemade Wine And The American Wino Dream

Is Homemade Wine any Good?

Yes, this is a blog about drinking and enjoying wine with great food and fun people. As a wine drinker myself that lives in the United States, I have always been able to buy great bottles of wine for under $20. Sometimes well under this price.

I do have friends that live in Canada and Europe that are used to spending at least 1.5 or twice as much I do for a similar quality wine. As with everything, cost matters when it comes to consuming wine. At least for most of us.

In fact when I lived in Canada, for a few years my wife and I made our own wine. I never tried it directly from grapes but at the time there were lots of great wine kits that made it pretty easy. I made most of it in our basement.

In Canada there used to be ( maybe there still is since the tax has only gone up since we lived there), stores where you could go pick your wine juice and they would do most of the work. The way it worked was as long as you poured the juice into the mass bottle and mixed it up with the yeast, the resulting wine was still tax free. The store did all of the brewing and bottling and called you when it was ready. There was an option to do more of the work and that reduced the final price. I preferred to do all of it at home.

For wine lovers this can be a great way to make plenty of wine at a very low cost. Likely you can do it now for a buck or two a bottle.

You will need to buy some grape juice of the type you like to drink and purchase some equipment. Start saving and cleaning your empty wine bottles since it will take about 20 bottles per kit. ( I think).

You need to pick a cool area of the house that you can use and all of the kit needs to be kept very clean. Any contamination from stray yeasts or bacteria in the air will spoil the whole batch. Not to worry though, this is easier than it sounds if you just take some precautions.

The equipment list to make homemade wine is as follows:

  1. 1 large bottle for the fermentation
  2. 1 fermentation vapor lock for the top of the bottle. ( goes through the cork)
  3. 1 big cork for the big bottle.
  4. Some length of plastic tubing
  5. A bottle washer
  6. A corking machine ( manual )
  7. Labels for your wine bottles ( after you have the bottles corked)
  8. Shrink wrap cork tops for the bottles.

That is about it for equipment. You can buy some more big bottles ( carboys?) if you want to have multiple wines on the go.

For ingredients you will need water, grape juice, white sugar, and brewers yeast.

1 Gallon Wine from Fruit Kit.Everything you need to make fruity, country wine at home is included, except the fruit, which you supply fresh!

That is it. Make some wine. We have found some kits for you to choose from and some equipment if you want.

The fun comes when you invite your friends to try your wine! Here is a kit that makes 1 gallon of homemade wine. For this one you will need to provide the grapes or other fruits.


Just click any of the pictures it to see more details or order it from Amazon.

If you want to think bigger as any wino will eventually do, here is a 3 gallon kit for you to consider.

This 3 gallon home wine making equipment Kit contains the following – glass: 3 gallon carboy glass 6.5 gallon fermenter with lid that accepts airlock bottle filler with auto-shut off – 3/8 inch hydrometer – dual scale thermometer – adhesive thermometer 24 inch racking cane – 3/8 inch 5 feet of Siphon hosing for transferring the wine – 3/8 inch Siphon hose shut off clamp – 3/8 inch airlock drilled rubber stopper for carboy, 2 – 4 ounce packages of Sterilizer., includes 3 gallon glass carboy, 6.5 gallon fermenter with lid that accepts included airlock, versatile equipment Kit, country of origin – United States, manufacturer name – Winemakers Depot.

So what do you do to make the grape juice unless you want to buy some juice? Well we found a small press will let you make your juice from your favorite fresh grapes! This one makes 1.6 gallons at a time.

Large Capacity-With 1.6 Gallon capacity, this fruit and wine press is a great choice for you and your family to share abundant fruit juice or wine together. You can Do It Yourself and enjoy the happiness of squeezing well-content juice.

Solid Construction- Made of oak basket which is moisture proof and resistant to insects (However, you’d better to keep it dry after usage for its longer lifespan).

Equipped with easy pour bottom spout and enameled steel base which prolongs its service time.

Easy to Operate- Load the crushed fruits into the barrel cage, ratchet down the press, and the juice is squeezed out smoothly. Easy to use and pressed your fruits to perfection – what a timesaver!

Clean It Quickly-After finishing squeezing the juice, you can get the clearance under the drain easily.

Diameter Of Stand: 10.6″, Overall Height: 21.6″ Note: Assembly Required

If you do not to use your own grapes and make your own juice, no problem you can also buy all kinds of grape concentrates.