Learn More About The Chardonnay Grape

Learn more about the Chardonnay grape

Chardonnay is one of my personal favorite white wines over Sauvignon Blanc or most Rieslings. Usually it is not a sweet wine but there are exceptions to this. It is worth spending a few minutes to learn more about the Chardonnay grape itself.

When Is National Drink Wine Day?

drink wine day every friday

To a true American Wino, everyday is national drink wine day. At least Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday anyway right? Cooking with wine and matching food to wine is part of the Wine Lovers lifestyle that American Winos search out every day of the week.

Remember February 18th – National Drink Wine Day.

Well it seems there in the US and Canada, there is a day for everything. National Drink Wine Day, happens every February 18th. Which for Canadians and residents of the Northern U.S. is the dead of winter and the prospect of spring is far off….

American Winos Believe every day is national drink wine day
American Winos Believe every day is national drink wine day

I remember living in Toronto, Canada or even Detroit Michigan area ( where there is at least 2 more weeks of sunshine a year from Toronto, February was the most depressing month. This was the month that everyone thought about moving to Florida or Panama.

If you live in the southern US and any of Mexico, February is just another month, no better or worse that say May. California wine drinkers probably have a day not to drink wine. Maybe a monday.

National Drink Wine Day - Pick the right bottle
National Drink Wine Day – Pick the right bottle

I wonder if National Drink Wine Day, or February 18th falls on a weekday should you employer give you that day off or the 19th… Just a thought.

It seems to me that people would be much happier if they turned off their tv sets and invited friends over for wine and cheese.

Why A National Drink Wine Day, Anyway?

This special day was started to celebrate and spread the love of wine.  Loved and consumed by millions, friends and families across the county honor this sacred liquid every year on February 18.  Friendships, great times and reduced risk of heart disease are all great reasons to drink wine. Learn more about wine 

Isnt Friday The Day To Open The Wine?

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