Our Best Pairing Nutella With Wine

In Europe, Nutella seems to be almost a food group. This is curious as in general compared to Americans, Europeans tend to stay away from sweet foods and foods that are not very good for them. These are often the same things.

However when it comes to Nutella, they are blind to their healthy instinct. Of course everything in moderation is ok right and too much of a good thing can kill you. Maybe that is their secret. 

What is Nutella

Nutella is a brand of sweetened palm oil spread, flavored with hazelnut and cocoa solids.]Nutella is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero and was first introduced in 1965.

We decided to give a try here in the good old USA and see what wine we can recommend to make it even better. You can buy Nutella just about anywhere jams and spreads are sold. 

Nutella tastes like chocolate cake frosting, somewhere between dark and milk chocolate. It is the same consistency as say Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate cake frosting. 

The first wine we tried pairing with Nutella is one of our bargain favorites – Barefoot Chardonnay. We have reviewed this before both with food and when used to make a cheese wine sauce for  paste, however we have not posted the results yet. ( stay tuned..)

Our Best Pairing Nutella With Wine

We tried with Nutella with a variety of white wines and the one we favored was a nice German Riesling from the Mosel Valley area. Maybe it is because as Americans we do look for a higher level of sweetness for chocolate and the Rieseling is a medium sweet white wine.

Pairing Nutella With Wine
Pairing Nutella With Wine

Together we found they are a great match.

Best Wine Pairing With Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a favorite with Americans and all of here at American Winos. It is a staple at most people’s home for thanksgiving and Christmas. Pecan pie while great with milk is meant to be paired with the right wine.

Best Wine Pairing With Pecan Pie
Raw Pecans go better with Pinot Noir

If we were pairing raw salted pecans with wine we would recommend a light red such as Pinot Noir but pecan pie is a very sweet indulgence.

Pairing nuts with wine – see our shortcut.

Best Wine Pairing With Pecan Pie

For pecan pie we recommend a dry white wine such as Chardonnay and pick one that has been aged in a oak barrel to give it a smoky taste to go along with the sweet in the pie.

I recommend one that we like from a previous tasting called Toasted Head from California.

This combination pairing of wine with Pecan Pie will make a great dessert into an unforgettable one.

Pairing Chocolate With Merlot

Wine Pairing Chocolate with Merlot

It is hard not to love good chocolate. Whether it is  milk, chocolate,dark chocolate or chocolate desserts, Americans have a love affair with Chocolate.

It is not hard to figure out that here at American Winos we love wine. We also know the best foods to pair with the right wine to give the very best American Winos taste experience.  Chocolate is a food that when paired with the right wine or spirit, changes from great to fantastic!

Chocolate desserts such as cakes and brownies go really well with dark red wines like Merlot. Merlot has a lot of body and deep red color with a strong taste that blends well not just with red meat but for sure chocolate.

Try pairing dark chocolate with an Australian or Napa Valley Merlot. You will be shocked just how well these two foods compliment each other.