Our Best Pairing Nutella With Wine

In Europe, Nutella seems to be almost a food group. This is curious as in general compared to Americans, Europeans tend to stay away from sweet foods and foods that are not very good for them. These are often the same things.

However when it comes to Nutella, they are blind to their healthy instinct. Of course everything in moderation is ok right and too much of a good thing can kill you. Maybe that is their secret. 

What is Nutella

Nutella is a brand of sweetened palm oil spread, flavored with hazelnut and cocoa solids.]Nutella is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero and was first introduced in 1965.

We decided to give a try here in the good old USA and see what wine we can recommend to make it even better. You can buy Nutella just about anywhere jams and spreads are sold. 

Nutella tastes like chocolate cake frosting, somewhere between dark and milk chocolate. It is the same consistency as say Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate cake frosting. 

The first wine we tried pairing with Nutella is one of our bargain favorites – Barefoot Chardonnay. We have reviewed this before both with food and when used to make a cheese wine sauce for  paste, however we have not posted the results yet. ( stay tuned..)

Our Best Pairing Nutella With Wine

We tried with Nutella with a variety of white wines and the one we favored was a nice German Riesling from the Mosel Valley area. Maybe it is because as Americans we do look for a higher level of sweetness for chocolate and the Rieseling is a medium sweet white wine.

Pairing Nutella With Wine
Pairing Nutella With Wine

Together we found they are a great match.

Wine2Go Portable Wine Bottle That Folds

Wine2Go Portable Wine Bottle That Folds

Just what American Wino’s Wish For – A Portable Wine Bottle.

You know when you are a true all American Wino when; You have a flask just for wine on the go…

What says America Winos More than these patriotic portable wine bottles?
What says America Winos More than a patriotic portable wine bottle?

We are not judging by any means and if want to give a gift to yourself or that special American Wino that loves all things wine, then take a look at this.

A portable wine bottle that packs easily into a knapsack or purse for wine on the go, picnics, bike tours or sporting events.  This is way better than trying to carry a glass bottle with an open cork in a purse or inside jacket pocket.

Looking for a lighter alternative to glass bottles? How about a foldable portable wine bottle you can use again and again?

Wine2Go, the Foldable Wine Bottle, makes for the “perfect gift” and adds a little fun to wherever life’s adventures take you.

Whether you’re at a summer music fest, camping in the woods or relaxing on the beach; the Wine2Go reusable bottle will have you covered. Once you’re done, all you have to do is give it a rinse and fold it away until the next time you’re in need of some mobile refreshment.

Sustainable Portable Wine Bottle.

The Wine2Go bottle is BPA Free, easy to fill thanks to a wide mouth and has no effects on the taste of your wine. Compared to glass, Wine2Go is uber light; which also means less stuff to carry on your next adventure!

Unique & Weird Wine Racks For American Winos

weird wine racks

Best of Weird Wine Racks. 

The more you learn to love wine the more places you will need to store your wine. I mean hopefully you don’t drink it all as soon as you get back from buying it right.

There are various ways to store wine from single or multiple bottle display racks that sit on your kitchen counter to floor mounted units that can hold a hundred bottles. I have one that holds about 48 bottles. I wish that I had bought a better one since after I put it together, following the instructions some of the bottle hole are too small for the average bottle so beware of that. I have not included that model so you don’t need to worry.

Here I have picked some unique wine racks of various sizes that will make great gifts either to yourself or others. See if you like them, some are really weird wine racks for sure.

Chocolate Raspberry Port – Apres Special Selection

Chocolate Raspberry Port - Apres Special Selection

Make Your Own Chocolate Raspberry Port.

What is Port or Porto?

Port wine is a Portuguese fortified wine produced exclusively in the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. It is typically a sweet, red wine, often served as a dessert wine, though it also comes in dry, semi-dry, and white varieties.

Porto ot Port Wine Comes From Porto

Now you can make your own very special variety of Porto in your home. Is it ready in weeks.

This is a very popular wine kit with American Winos. If you are into making your own wine you should probably give this a try. I mean where can you get chocolate raspberry port by the bottle?

Chocolate Raspberry Port Dessert Wine for special Occasions
Chocolate Raspberry Port Dessert Wine for special Occasions

This kit comes with all the ingredients needed to make your own port – 12.3 litres of it. Certainly enough for all your quests during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years eve.

We did an article on making homemade wine so if you do not have all the hardware you can check it here. It does not take very much effort and is really a great hobby.

As we mentioned this is a best seller and Amazon now has it. It is seasonal so don’t wait too long to order.

It takes just 6 weeks to ferment and then you will have 3 US gallons of great port!

Chocolate raspberry port sounds like the ultimate winter evening by the fire type drink. This kit makes enough for you and your friends to enjoy all year.

There are also some great deals on wine shipped directly to your door each  month.