Tom Cruise Huge Bottle Of Wine

Why would Tom Cruise Need Such A Huge Bottle of Wine? – or Tom Cruise Huge Bottle of Wine using a Trump expression.

I am not sure which Tom Cruise Movie is my favorite. There are so many blockbusters to choose from. Mission Impossible, or Risky Business or The Mummy ( probably not ) or Top Gun or Made in America or Cocktail or Oblivion or Jack Reacher or War of the Worlds or The Last Samurai or Vanilla Sky or Night and Day or Eyes Wide Shut or Minority Report or Interview with the Vampire or A Few Good Men or The Firm or The Color of Money or Days of Thunder or Born on the 4th of July or Rain Man….

I am sure that I have missed a few Tom Cruise movies but it is no wonder that he needs such a large bottle of wine. I wonder if this bottle is from California since I doubt the Europeans would make such a bottle.

A Bottle In Front Of Me

Bottle in front of me

This saying is so true and you probably don’t have to be a true American Wino to appreciate it.

I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

Great American Wino

Truer words were never spoken, even if Lobotomy is spelled wrong in the pic….

George Clooney Tasting Wine

George Clooney Tasting Wine

George Clooney is attributed to several interesting quotes, but we like this one that speaks to the concept of good taste. When you think of George either as a person or an actor, he exudes good taste. So this quote we thought was very appropriate to George Clooney the great America Wino.

You can’t legislate good taste

George Clooney?

John Lennon Drinking Wine

John Lennon Drinking Wine

Actually the Beatles and John Lennon included love beer, oh and scotch mixed with Coca Cola. Of course our taste change as we mature so we imagine that the song that the Beatles really wanted to right was:

All you need is wine……

Later in life, the band did became fond of red wine (the buzzing sound at the end of ‘Long Long Long’ is a bottle of red wine vibrating on stop of a Leslie speaker cabinet).

Sadly John Lennon in the 60s preferred drugs to wine, first marijuana and then enormous quantities of strong LSD which kept him on an almost permanent high.

He should have stuck to wine…