American Winos Review – The Blue Duck Restaurant In Washington Missouri

Our Review of The Blue Duck Restaurant.

Washington, Mo sites right along the Missouri River in Franklin County, Missouri. It is a small but growing town with a population was 13,892 from the 2010 census. It has an active tourist industry, as well as a respectable manufacturing base.

Washington is also the corn-cob pipe capital of the world, with Missouri Meerschaum located on the riverfront. It is also central to the wine region of this state, with over 70 wineries in a radius of 50 miles.

Each year the city plays host to a wine and art festival in their picturesque downtown where local wineries showcase the wines.

It also has some pretty good places to eat and drink and one of our favorites is The Blue Duck restaurant.

A night out at The Blue Duck restaurant.

My wife and I went last weekend for dinner and some drinks. The restaurant has a nice large outside sitting area that is coveredĀ  so we took advantage of the cooler evening.

This is a limited time deal from Winc wine club!

For starters we ordered the fried crispy pig belly which is both novel andĀ  excellent. For the entree I went with a lighter fair namely the reuben sandwich.

If you have not had a reuben before, then you are in for a treat. It is smoked meat piled high on toasted rye bread with sauerkraut and mustard sauce.




To go with this I ordered a glass of Chardonnay from Hess wineries in California and my wife ordered a red IPA beer from a local Missouri brewer. Both turned out to be great choices.

Image result for hess winery
Hess winery in California

They also offer lots of missouri wines as well but I wanted to try a new one.

The waiter was friendly and tried his best to get us to order dessert which we did. As a bit of a dietary compromise and we picked the apple pie with two forks. I probably didn’t need the calories but hey you only live once right?

RED IPA is not so easy to find but the Blue Duck restaurant has it. Actually this was their last one so I hope they stocked some more.

We like this place because the menu is different from many and the atmosphere is really fun. We have taken friends and family to the Blue Duck many times. I would recommend it to anyone.

I was impressed with the Napa Valley Hess Chardonnay so you will be hearing more from me on this producer.

All in all a great American Winos evening!