American Winos Learns The Secrets Of Great Prosecco

I first discovered Prosecco just a few years ago as I happened to be travelling on unrelated business, to the region in Italy that produces it.  Every time that I went out for dinner in a local restaurant it seemed like Prosecco was on the menu.

Everyday Three Glasses of Great Prosecco Wine.

In fact on one the trips a few years ago I stayed at a very old hotel in the country outside of Pordenone Italy, where three glasses of local Prosecco were free every evening. It was excellent!

I wish that I had known about this wine, the region and the producers earlier as I have missed out bringing some of the good stuff back to the U.S.

Let’s start with a short history of Prosecco.

So what is Prosecco? Is it just Italy’s version of French Champagne or something else?

Let’s start with it’s very appropriate and sexy full to pronounce name – Prosecco.

Did you know that the name of this famous sparkling wine comes from the village of Prosecco, a suburb of Trieste? Its history goes back to Roman times and originated in a picturesque valley just north of Venice. Vine-growing is no novelty in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area. The region has been mentioned throughout history, since the sixth century, for its vines. Historian’s know that the ancient Romans really knew how to celebrate the grape harvest at its fullest with the “ancestor” of modern-day Prosecco.

Eager to learn more?

What are the grapes that birthed Prosecco?

The Northern Italian region that grows the Prosecco vines offers a variety of tastes and aromas. The Glera grape (formerly known also as Prosecco) is the “responsible” one for this great sparkly wine. Grown in Ancient Rome, it was renowned for its light and easy to enjoy flavor.

But this is not the only grape variety used for Prosecco:


Bianchetta Trevigiana


Glera Lunga


Pinot Bianco

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Noir

These grapes have also left an imprint in the taste architecture of this sparkly wine. So next time when you order Prosecco, feel free to share with your company these charming little details that contribute to the modern Prosecco culture. You’ll become the expert amongst your group when it comes to bubbly cocktail options.

Prosecco wineries and wines – A Vacation Destination.

If you would like to experience the history and culture around Prosecco, be glad to know that you can always tour the amazing and breathtaking views surrounding the villages of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene and taste its options. This region situated halfway between Venice and the Alps is any Prosecco lovers’ favorite tour. From beautiful castles to delightful vineyards filled with flavored grapes, the sights are absolutely sparkling, much like the wine that has made the region famous throughout the world.

Prosecco Road – one of the most beautiful paths to take on your way to exploring the magic of vineyards – displays over three dozen vineyards, each with its Prosecco flavor and beautiful, breathtaking sights for the eye. The best-known wine in the region is Veneto – also the wine at the basis of Aperol Spritz. We’re sure that this is one of the most important cocktails that put Prosecco on today’s map. In addition, the sparkling road between the two villages is also filled with family-owned cantinas, with charming tasting rooms and friendly local winemakers. If you visit the region, make sure to also enjoy Vettori – another delicious Prosecco option.

To complete an authentic sparkling wine experience, next time your order Prosecco try some of the awarded ones as well. Wine Style Awards and Sommelier Wine Awards hint out more than a few great tasting and already awarded Prosecco wines, such as:

These are some delicious suggestions you’ll surely love, so you’re welcome.

Pairing Prosecco and food

This food-friendly bubbly wine is great when it comes to enhancing the overall flavor of your meal. Just put it on the table next to a plate of prosciutto and cheeses, pasta with creamy sauces and mushrooms, and many more. For a dry Prosecco, sushi can be the flavor partner of its dreams. With a sweeter Prosecco, try Italian inspired desserts, such as panettone or other light cakes. But the range of options for pairing this sparkly wine at the dinner table goes even further, so feel free to drink Prosecco to compliment spicy Asian entrees, seafood, and even salty snacks.

The Prosecco lifestyle

The secret of any Prosecco lover’s guide? Enjoy and drink great Prosecco wine as an assumed lifestyle and “obey” when it comes to celebrations, intimate dinners, happy outings with friends, a late treat after a long day or any other occasion that calls for your favorite sparkling wine. It’s affordable, it’s delicious and luckily for us, it’s become the modern trading coin for sharing and taking delight in great moments.

All you need to do now is go and enjoy your bubbly!

“Saluti” as they say in Italy!