About This

We Are Wine Lovers.

So. My name is Gordon Smith and my wife are wine lovers. We love to discover new wines and ways to enjoy it. I do most of the cooking at home since I find it relaxing and I love to try new recipes and wine pairings. Lately I have been focusing on cooking with wine.

As a paying job I work in manufacturing efficiency management for sustainability and reliability. This very cool job requires that I travel around the world extensively working with the various local teams to make improvements.

Since I often go out to dinner with the local people in each area, I have the chance to learn about the wine regions and the climate and the wines the locals drink and the ones that are better exported. For me the wine experience is about learning these secrets about the wine production, the area, the vineyards, grapes and cultures. That is what makes wine so special.

I often return home from a trip with a few bottles of local wine and some names of ones that I later try to find for sale locally. Sometimes I find a wine that I love during my visit abroad but return home only to find it is not possible to buy it with shipping it from outside the U.S.

While travelling you have little choice but to eat out everyday, which sounds boring but if you are adventurous you can find some new dishes. I like to bring one or two ideas home from every trip and try them out in the kitchen.

About 10 years ago, my wife and I moved from the cold of Southern Ontario, Canada to an area just south west of St.Louis Missouri.  We are very close to the town of Washington which is more or less at the heart of Missouri Wine country.

Missouri wine country now boasts around 108 wineries and most of them are within a 30 minute drive of our small horse farm in the country. You can see why this location appeals to me right?

Tecky Wine Lovers Turn Attention To Wine.

My wife and I have been blogging as a hobby for just over 9 years now. Mostly we write about renewable energy and tecky type topics that interest us so we have learned a little about be writing about topics we love. Wine is a topic we love.

Hence American Winos …..!