Best Wine Pairing With Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a favorite with Americans and all of here at American Winos. It is a staple at most people’s home for thanksgiving and Christmas. Pecan pie while great with milk is meant to be paired with the right wine.

Best Wine Pairing With Pecan Pie
Raw Pecans go better with Pinot Noir

If we were pairing raw salted pecans with wine we would recommend a light red such as Pinot Noir but pecan pie is a very sweet indulgence.

Pairing nuts with wine – see our shortcut.

Best Wine Pairing With Pecan Pie

For pecan pie we recommend a dry white wine such as Chardonnay and pick one that has been aged in a oak barrel to give it a smoky taste to go along with the sweet in the pie.

I recommend one that we like from a previous tasting called Toasted Head from California.

This combination pairing of wine with Pecan Pie will make a great dessert into an unforgettable one.

John Lennon Drinking Wine

John Lennon Drinking Wine

Actually the Beatles and John Lennon included love beer, oh and scotch mixed with Coca Cola. Of course our taste change as we mature so we imagine that the song that the Beatles really wanted to right was:

All you need is wine……

Later in life, the band did became fond of red wine (the buzzing sound at the end of ‘Long Long Long’ is a bottle of red wine vibrating on stop of a Leslie speaker cabinet).

Sadly John Lennon in the 60s preferred drugs to wine, first marijuana and then enormous quantities of strong LSD which kept him on an almost permanent high.

He should have stuck to wine…